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Brian Tracy’s Chief AI Officer Reveals His Exact Workflows For Using AI to Help Experts and Business Owners Accelerate Productivity, Unlock Creativity and Make More Money

Wednesday July 19

11 AM Pacific / 2 PM Eastern

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Gain An Unfair Advantage Over Your Competitors

About Your Workshop Hosts


Brian Tracy

Is a bestselling author and renowned motivational speaker with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in personal and professional development.


Brad Costanzo, Chief AI Officer

Head of Strategy at Brandetize Marketing Agency & Chief AI Officer, one of the highest paid AI consultants in the country.

In This Exclusive Free Workshop, You’ll Discover How To…

Discover how we’re using AI to overcome creative resistance and amplify productivity so you can create better faster content

Learn how to utilize AI to broaden your impact and reach a wider audience so you can grow your business at warp speed

Understand the tangible ways in which AI can revolutionize your business from saving time to generating breakthrough ideas

Brad and his team’s specific client workflows using AI to compress a month's worth of work into hours

How Brad engineers his prompts and uses little-known-tools to gener amazing creative assets out of AI where others fall flat

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